The Servant of Man

Clues known so far

- The familes with most missing nobles are the Miathid, Musi (10) which are in the camp of the rulling Theos family. Lisadies is missing a few nobles as well (4).

- There has been only one incident of foul play suspected in a missing noble. Lady Siscil Lisadies (off shoot of the main line) has been recently Killed.

- Herro has had some truly staggering yields lately, and are far exceeding the output of much larger houses.

- Herro was nearly broke 5 years ago and had to sell of some of its least productive farms but have recently bought them back.

- Miathid and Musi have had most of the rebellious activities

- Lisadies has seen some “disturbances.”

- These rebellions have actually affected most houses but, Herro, Olox, and Brates.

- Only crops have been burned aside from a few inconsequential buildings

- House Olox has almost no real landing holdings, Arcades (a smallish) house has almost 64% of all its land holdings

- House Olox wants to create a “Homogamy” of smaller houses to stand up against the bigger ones

- House Herro and Olox have been gathering many of the smaller houses to their banner

- Jako Mithiad Oldest Son and scion of the Mithiad family, is the chief of staff for the Grand Duke.

- New crops have been brought in recently that don’t feel right

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