Jillian Covenant

Your Interrogator - DRAMATIS PERSONAE


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Devotional Thought: We determine the guilty. We decide the punishment.


Jillian Covenant is the most senior member of Inquisitor Marius Zayel’s staff. It has been rumored that he is officially grooming her to take her place in the Halicarnassus Conclave. Even tempered, with a quick wit she is very much like her master. Unlike her master she is a low grade psyker. Before entering Marius’s service she was a Lieutenant Junior Grade aboard the Dauntless class light cruiser, Ides of March, as a boarding officer. At the time of the recruitment she was the ships dueling champion.

Jillian is in her 60th year but with juvie treatments she looks to be in her late 20’s early 30’s. She stands below average height and has a wealth of red hair normally worn in a ponytail. She normally dresses in an unadorned naval uniform. She along with Marius prefers stealth and intelligent questioning to bombast and burning everything in her path (that has its purposes…).

Her current retinue has been with her for a long time, and her agent network is small but ever expanding.

Jillian Covenant

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