Marius Zayel



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Devotional Thought: That Which Does Not Kill Us, Makes Us Stronger


Lord Inquisitor Marius Zayel is a very senior member of the Ordo Hereticus. He is well into his 300th year but appears to be an alert man of average height and weight in his early 60’s with a wealth of silver hair. This unassuming demeanor is not noticeable at first as he exudes a palpable aura of command. Over 25% of his body has been replaced by the finest prosthetics the mechanicus can provide to replace his many war wounds.

A member of Ordo Hereticus he, in his long and storied career has faced down at least 1 Demon the being known as {records expunged: Magenta Minimum}, nor does he shy away from the alien. He takes his foes to the empire as they come, not as he wishes them to be. Also he is not a Psyker but his resolve and mental will power is legendary. He dresses in billowing and lightly ornamented robes. His deeply lined face bears a small goatee, and his small, deep set eyes hold warmth for life that only one who has fought and seen good people die can appreciate.

Marius’s network of agents and allies is vast, and his ability to wield it deftly from afar is more potent than even his impressive personal power. Marius spends much of his time in the field dealing with investigations he deems as being the most important, and is currently in the Golgentha Reach helping with the invasion. To help Marius manage his vast network of agents Marius has appointed Doreen Miltz as his Legate in the Eternal Watch Citadel. There she manages the agents and keep Marius informed on any information she deems important.

Marius is assisted by 2 integrators, Jillian Covenant, and Heldrick Marx. Jillian is very senior and has been gifted, by Marius, a small section of his acolytes in preparation for her eventual ascension into the inquisition as a full member. You are part of that cadre.

Marius Zayel

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