Armor and you

Devotional Thought: “Faith is my Sword, Contempt my Armor, Hate my Shield”

Armor will degrade over time. Armor has hit points, just like a character. To figure out how much HP your armor has, multiply each piece by 4. Should you every take that much damage to that piece in one turn your armor is reduced by one point, as various parts are punched through and quite obviously vaporized. But no matter how much gets thru armor can only be reduced by 1 per attack, unless it’s a weapon by its very design is meant to shred armor (i.e. Lascanons, artillery, ect..) . For subsequent hits use the original AP to figure out armor HP, as parts of the existing armor are (most likely) still there.

i.e Slippery Zim has an AP of 2 worth of armor to his chest, and hes pretty tough with 14 wounds. Well today ain’t his lucky day and someone takes a shot at him with a Bolter, hits him in the chest then rolls quite well for damage, getting an 18.
Zim first subtracts his TB of 3 brining it down to 15, and then subtracts his AP of 2 brining it down to 13. Thus Zim takes 13 wounds brining him down to 1 (yikes).

But that aint all:

Zim armor takes 18-5 = 13 damage from its starting total of 8. Thus reducing his chest armor to an AP of 1, as an attack can only reduce AP by one. Zim would still need to take 8 points of damage in one attack to reduce that piece of armor any further.
Yes, I understand this puts things like power armor and carapace armor very unlikely to disintegrate unless you do.

Feedback is welcome. Im considering raising the level to 5x but that seems excessive.

Armor and you

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