Devotional Thought: And the bounties of the Emperor shall go to those who have worked hard in his service

Halicarnassus Conclave
The Halicarnassus conclave is small but very talented group of Inquisitors and as with many long serving organizations have a labyrinthine history. There are 15 permanent members of the “Hali-clave” as the Halicarnassus Conclave is known to those who work for it. The conclave has its fingers in almost all aspects of the system, from shipping companies to most of the planetary governments such as {list redacted Magenta Media}. Most of the conclaves members are Acolytes, doing the Emperors work with little direct supervision.

The Hali-Clave is not located on Halicarnassus but on its moon, Salamis, in the Eternal Watch Citadel. The symbol of the conclave is the Stylized “I” of the Inquisition with a light house super imposed over it. The light house, according to tradition, is to stand for the guiding light the inquisition plays in keeping the ship of humanity away from the rocks and shoals of the Alien, the Heretic and the Demon.

The two most significant Ordos in the Hali-clave are orders Xenos and Hereticus, there is only 1 Malleus Inquisitor, Lord Inquisitor Thane Herschel Frost, the leader of the Halicarnassus Conclave.


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