Planet Eisen 5

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PLANET: Eisen-5
Sector: Halicarnassus
Sub-Sector: Kentha Shore
Classification: Agricultural World / Military Training Grounds
Land Mass: 75% Land. 25% Water
Moons: 2 (Hunin & Munin) 1 Orbital Dock, “Wodan”.
Capital: Neuberlin
Population: 15,000,000; top 2% own 98% of the Wealth
Classification: Agriculture World
Current Military Strength: 5 Primary PDF Divisions, 1 Support Division, Various Household troops
Tithe Grade: C Majoris ++ (12 Guard Regiments a year)
Governor: Alaric Wulfe, Admiral (ret.)
Army Groups: “Whermacht”

1st Armored Division (Black Berets) “Wodan”
- Divisional troops
- 1st Reconnaissance Brigade “Nacht”
- 1st Armored Brigade (Panzers) “Forseti”
- 2nd Armored Brigade (Panzers) “Baldur”

2nd Armored Division (Black Berets) “Thor”
- Divisional troops
- 2nd Reconnaissance Brigade “Saga”
- 3rd Armored Brigade (Panzers) “Bragi”
- 1st Mountain Infantry Brigade “Hel”

1st Mechanized Infantry Division (Green Berets) “Heimdall”
- Divisional troops;
- 1st Mechanized Infantry Brigade (Panzer-Grenadiers) “Uller”
- 2nd Mechanized Infantry Brigade (Panzer-Grenadiers) “Vili”

Special Operations Division (Red Berets) “Loki”
- Divisional troops
- Special Forces Command (brigade-equivalent) “Vali”
- 1st Airborne Brigade “Fulla”
- 2nd Airborne Brigade “Gefjun”

Airmobile Operations Division (Red Berets) “Valkyrie”
- Divisional troops
- Aviation Corps
- 1st Airmobile Brigade “Sigyn”
- 1st Army Combat Support Brigade “Tyr”

1st Support Division (Blue Berets) “Freya”
- Medical Corps “Frigga”
- Military Police Corps “Frey"

Eisen-5 is a planet with and old and strong Martial Tradition balanced by a strong sense of pride in their culture and way of life in general; even the poor and working-class take an inordinate amount of pride in their work and their homeworld. While Eisen-5 is technically listed as an Imperial Agri-World, it is in truth better known for the quality of the Imperial Guardsmen that are trained there. The widely varying terrain with only small and widely scattered bodies of fresh water lends itself to a variety of useful training grounds, though the majority of arable land converted to the farming that powers over 75% of the Planetary Economy. As a result the population enjoys a generally healthy and wealthy lifestyle that also leads to continuous population growth, which leads into the second-most profitable venture on Eisen-5; Soldiers.

In years long gone past the population-to-food availability ratio was leading to unrest and disorder as hundreds of thousands slowly starved to death. Then the governor, a former Military officer, hit on the obvious solution; export the population to other worlds. But he didn’t want to just send off colonists, he reasoned that it would be far more profitable in the long run to train the excess population as soldiers then send them off to fight for the Emperor, or anyone who could pay their fees, and was thus able to wrangle a deal with the Administratum that reduce the Planetary Tithe by paying the balance with bodies. To-date the deal has worked out marvelously for everyone by resolving the over-population problem as well instilling a sense of Nationalistic Pride in the people as a whole.

Eisen-5 is the fifth planet from the Sun of the Eisenhardt Star System in Khenta Shores Subsector of the Halicarnassus system and is the only habitable planet in the system of 13 total Planets. The Eisenhardt system sits relatively close to another system, Aggrotheria, that has been in a near-constant state of war with the quickly re-growing green Hordes of Orks that crashed into the once wholly human agri-world nearly two hundred years ago. Since then Eisen-5 has been tasked with reclaiming Aggrotheria which has the added benefit of providing a form of training-under-fire for new troops who then go on to join elite units in other parts of the Universe, always carrying the Pride of the Fatherland in their hearts.

So great is the military power, with help of the Sector Government, Eisen 5 has established a Intra-Sector Academy of Military Action. This school teaches and instructs both Senior and Jr. Officers of the other planets in the sub sector. In addition the officers are allowed to observe the actions on Aggrotheria to take home everything they have learned and improver their military.

[Part Redacted Order Magenta Maximus] Unfortunately pride goeth before the fall. The Matriarch of the ruling Wulfe family was proven to be a Secret Psyker who had hidden her natural {abomination} from the Black Ships and in time her lack of proper training and discretion led to contact with the Rebellion and in time she brought in the leaders of the other Great Houses, including her own husband, then the Governor.

[Parts Redacted Order Magenta Majoris] So great was the shock that members of ruling family informed the visiting Inquisitor of the truth and was rewarded by having their life spared during the following purging of the great houses.

In all Three of the Seven once-great houses of Eisen-5 were felled in the Culling and the rest were reduced to near-shadows of their former selves. Several of the Minor houses stepped in to fill the gaps, in some cases entirely absorbing the remnants of the old houses into their new ranks. One of the Scions of the Wulfe family, an Admiral who had been serving at the Eye of Terror was recalled, along with his ship, the “Heart of Vengeance”, to take over the Governorship of Eisen-5, despite the protests of the remaining houses.

The Houses of Eisen-5:
Wulfe – Family of the Governor (Great House; nearly wiped out)
Hermann – Warriors (Great House; not involved in the Rebellion, very Proud)
Dietrich – Administrators (Great House; took place of the former House Wexler)
Meister – Mason (Great House; took the place of the former House Bergmann)
Wirth – Inn-keepers (Great House; took the place of the former House Sanger)
Bauer – Farmers (Great House; reduced to half-strength)
Fischer – Fishermen (Great House; nearly wiped out)
Burger – Townsman
Faber – Smith
Fleischer – Butcher
Forester – Woodsmen
Jaeger – Huntsmen
Koch – Cook
Lemann – Serf
Lehrer – Teacher
Mueller – Miller
Schaefer – Shepard
Vogler – Birdmen
Ziegler – Brick-maker
Zimmerman – Carpenter
Wexler – Bankers (Former Great House; wiped out)
Bergmann – Miners (Former Great House; wiped out)
Sanger – Entertainers (Former Great House; wiped out)

Planet Eisen 5

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