Sector Information

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Devotional Thought: Fear not. The Emperor will provide.

Segmentum: Segmentum Pacificus
Sector: The Halicarnassus Sector
Sub-Sectors: 6: Halicarnassus, Golgenna Reach, Kethna Shore, Mining Schedule 9x, Warren Run and Subsector Eta
Classification: Commerce, mining
Capital: Beacon Palace located on the 2nd Moon of Halicarnassus
Tithe Grade: A Minimum
Notable Warp Routes:
Alpha Prime: Halicarnassus Beacon
Alpha: Path of San Luther
Alpha Minima: Shining Path; Kentha Trade Route 7
Mu: Gogenna Run

Governor: Lord Governor Kyla Iswitch

The Halicarnassus Sector is heavily populated and contains some important planets to the segmentiums economy. Halicarnassus both the planet and sector is immensely wealthy due to it being the confluence of 4 ultra-stable warp routes and an area of unusually stable warp, called the Ionian sea. Due to this an upgraded astropathic choir signs the God Emperors blessings from the Beacon Palace, allowing accurate navigation as far away as Bahamut sector and allowing exploration vessels to find their way home.

In addition to the monetary wealth they system is able to create due to its warp stability, both Kethna Shore and Mining Schedule contain planets of great mineral wealth. Currently the Golgenna reach is a minor war zone as elements of a splinter chaos fleet from the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, blown off course in the warp, ended up there. This has caused the attention of most of the sectors military, monetary, naval and inquisitorial assets to be diverted there.

Of the 6 sectors, Subsector Eta is under populated consisting of frontier planets on the galactic south west and thus closest to the enemies of the Imperium. Subsector Eta was designed and proposed for that exact purpose of being a trip wire to the rest of Sector, as it sits in the most likely invasion route from the Halo Stars. Still be as it may Acrea, Sextus Zol and Lux Benzenia play important roles to the sector at large. Acrea supplies food across the sector while Sextus Zol and Lux Benzenia allow for the production of products that allow for the prosecution of wars across segmintium.

Sector Information

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