Z's House Rules

Whatever your circumstance, for how you were recruited to the Halicarnassus Conclave, you spent at least 2 months working at the Eternal Watch Citadel. While here you were taught the basics of inquisition, after all if you don’t know how it works you will not be able to serve your master. You were also instructed in the basic ciphers and ways to communicate with your superiors. If you cant get info back to your superiors, what use are you? During this time you had the chance to talk with the other players and work together and form the tentative bonds of friendship.
Every member of the party, if they don’t have it, gets:

Knowledge: Inquisition -5%

Knowledge: Ciphers Inquisitor Marius Zayel (your inquisitor)

Expense Account: There will be an established expense account for the party, this will be established before we start play. The starting account will be Party members x 100 x (avg) Party Level.

The group needs to decide on 1 aspect and 1 trouble; we are going to use this for the chance to build fate points (heck I like the system, so we are going to give it a shot).

Also, I give XP for backgrounds, the better the background, the better the xp total. From this awarded xp, i will give you the chance to “buy” a package deal of skill(s) or talent(s). Keep in mind that they also come with a price.

The reason for this is this has made you a cut above the rest, and why the most secretive group in all of the empire decided to recruit you.

if anyone has any suggestions let me know.

Z's House Rules

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