ACT 1 SCENE 1: Innocence Proves Nothing

Innocence is always suspicious. – Marshal Noles Havilar

A newly recruited band of Inquisitorial Agents are sent to the small, but very important farm world of Acrea . This small world, located in an out of the way and underdeveloped sub-sector of Halicarnassus feeds billions of souls. Although yields are at an all-time high, the productivity of the planet suddenly dips dramatically as a small rebellion slowly starts to spread, burning crops, damaging machines, ambushing shipments and kidnapping nobles. Racing against time to stop possible starvation and famine of millions, the agents must learn to work together to solve who or what is behind the rebellion. But not everyone is happy to see the agents because after all innocence proves nothing.


-ACT 1 SCENE 2: Another Way to Die

Justice is a Masquerade of Fools for Fools. –Lord Governor Kyla Iswitch

The Servant of Man

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