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Devotional Thought: Skill is sublime, and genius is splendid,the right contacts are more valuable than either

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Contact: Diarra Kalvias:

Description: A very low ranking member of the Kalvias family (tiny family). She works as the supervisor of the Heraldry office in the Andros Castle. Middle Aged, Blond Haired, Tall for a women, slightly plump, Married to Makis Kalvias (a knight).

Link Up: Frequents the Dios Theater. Heraldry Office. Kalvias Estate is located in Andros, not recommended.

Code Phrase: ask her what do you think the point of the 3rd Tragedy in Hiskons Tragedy in 9 Parts was and why Constance didn’t accept her fate? -Response: Constance? She didn’t need to, the Emperor was on her side.

Caution: Husband does not know of her being part of my network.

Reliability Information/Security: High, Proven


Contact: Jace Galvan

Description: Tall, Burly, Bald, Missing One ear. Former Knight (from peasent stock, commanded a “war raft”) for Olox. Now runs a farming supply store/bar called the “One Eared Corn.” Located in Fenos a small town 20 miles south of Andros.

Link Up: One Earned Corn

Code Phrase: Place an order for a 9 horse hitch and a barrel of Bellas Best Beer. Response, im all out of 9 horse hitches, but i might have a case of Bellas in the back, why dont you come with me and check it out.

Caution: Orthos and Mithides men are common in the bar area. The place is busy and caution must be taken. Ladies, watch his hands, they wander.

Reliability Information/Security: good/ fair: can be swayed by easy women.

addendum hands really wander. Infomration is generaly very good but watch out for prejudices.


Contacts Mission 1

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