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Devotional Thought: Never Forget, Never forgive

Sector: Halicarnassus
Sub-Sector: Halicarnassus
Classification: Hive World
Land Mass: 37% Land. 63% Water
Moons: 2 (Salamis and Caria- Beacon Palace) 1 Port: St. Gallen (Imperial Navy)
Capital: Hexapolis Carnassus (Known as the Hex or Nassus in short)
Population: 24 Billion
Classification: Imperial/Hive World
Current Military Strength: 34 PDF Regiments – Hell Cats, 3 “Flotillas” of System Defense Ships, 60 Enforcer Battalions (Police) and 12 Arbiter Battalions
Tithe Grade: A Extremis
Governor: Regent Governor Yarl Iswitch (Kylas estranged Husband)

Description: Halicarnassus is the largest exporting planet in the Halicarnassus sector. The planet has virtually no mineral wealth nor does it have the man power to raise an army of Imperial Guard regiments. The planet does not export goods or materials but vast amount of monetary wealth. What makes the planet unique is that it sits at the confluence of 4 ultra stable warp routes and sits in area of vast calm in the immaterium known as the Ionian Sea. This allows for a free flow of trade and goods. The world is so rich that’s it has the ability to pay for 3 flotillas of system defense craft which also function as a revenue service taxing ships when they enter the “sea” around Halicarnassus.

Halicarnassus is a world divided amongst 8 major trade guilds 15 strong guilds and more than 200 minor trade guilds. The populace is divided into these guilds, which often cross family lines, at least in the lesser houses. The only Hive on the planet is the Hexapolis Carnassus and its here where you see the steepest divide between the elites and the masses on the planet. Here the Nobles, trade masters, and merchants live in palatial estates while the serfs that work for them, while better off than average its still a life of toil. Maglev trains connect the hive to all the major cities on the only continent of note. The remaining land masses are island archipelagos which are the playgrounds of the rich.
The climate is warm but stormy, with frequent flash storms. The rest of the ground is mountainous or hilly with broad fertile plains. The planet can’t feed itself as to much of this land is taken over by other cities, all designed for the pursuit of wealth, 73% of all food is shipped in from Acrea. On rare days were a serf has a day off and its sunny out many will head to the beach to relax.
Order is enforced by the enforcer battalions with help from the Adeptus Aribites. This is one of the planets where the rule of law holds sway and the enforcers are not bound by the will of the trade guilds but only by the planetary governor. This stability is partially to account for why the planet is so wealthy. By law, the trade guilds are not allowed to enforce law within their own halls but neither are the enforcer battalions, hence the Aribites.
Yarl Iswitch has been the regent governor of the planet for nearly 17 years and during that time the planet has prospered. He not only has the confidence of the populace, but those of the noble houses. He hates his wife with a passion and spends his free time finding ways to improve the planet that she ran for 10 years with not nearly as much success.


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