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Devotional Thought: Faith is the sturdiest armor. Hatred the surest weapon.

Sector: Halicarnassus
Sub-Sector: Subsector Eta
Classification: Gas/Imperial World/ Sub Sector Government
Land Mass: 10% Land. Gas Clouds
Moons: 1 Orbital Dock: Ascendant
Capital: Gossau
Population: 3.5 Billion
Classification: Gas Giant
Current Military Strength: 4 “Interior Guard Regiments,” 20 PDF Regiments – Sky Raiders, Various War Zeppelins and Consortium Guild Troops
Tithe Grade: B Media
Governor: Grand High Chancellor Gurt Gotez

Lux Benzenia is unusual as far as planets are concerned is because when it formed the Gas Giant started to actually form land masses. Due to the low gravity and planetary conditions these land masses took the shape of enormous rock spires. Over 145 of these spires rise up from the heavy gaseous cloud that hides the core of the planet. Most are nothing more than thin “mountains” that rise several hundred kilometers, however 23 are absolutely enormous, and big enough to support life and these have been turned into Kilometer tall hives of metal, ferocrete and rock. The air is entirely poisonous to any known life but the very gasses that would kill a human are also immensely rare gasses used in the production of Titians and warp drives. As can be expected the mechanicus has a very large presence on the planet.

The population is spread out over 22 of the spires with the 23rd belonging to the mechanicus. Every citizen of the planet, not belonging to the mechanicus is a member of the various trade guilds on the planet, of which there are over 793 registered trade houses. Some may only deal as brokers, some, and the most powerful have their hands in every facet of the collection and production of the gasses.

The local governor is High Chancellor Gurt Gotez, a position elected for by life by 26 major trade guilds. He acts more of a president of a corporation then governor of a planet.

Order is enforced by the PDF Regiments which can triple in number if the reserves are called out. Four imperial guard regiments are stationed here but current reports show that they are undertrained and are actually worse than the PDF regiments they are there to inspire.

Subsector Government is located here in the Chateau Destin, the Subsector Governor is Duke Ariste Comete, an Ex Imperial Naval Grand Admiral and Heir to the Comete Fortune. Hes not a political animal but was asked to serve at the behest of Terra.


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