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Devotional Thought: If i advance, follow me. If i retreat, kill me. If i die, avenge me.

Sector: Halicarnassus
Sub-Sector: Subsector Eta
Classification: Frontier World
Land Mass: 30% Land 80% Water
Moons: 1 (Ute)
Capital: Fort Laramine
Population: 263,626
Current Military Strength: Militia
Tithe Grade: Omega Minima
Governor: Esther Bridger

Redaack 3 is the 3rd planet in the Reddack system. While habitable the planets conditions are rough with violent rain and wind storms that rake the one tiny continent. The western third of the continent is covered mostly with the mountain ranges and rangelands. The astern two-third of the continent is high elevation prairie known as the range.

The colonists are hardy and independent. Due to its proximity to other planets the colonist don’t lack for spare parts or other needs. Most of the colonists are ranchers whose fields of Grox and Terran sheep, actually out number humans on the planet by a margin of 22 or more to 1.

The planet is divided by high technology and the need to survive by ones wits. For example on Reddack 3 one can see a bio engineered Bull Grox pull a wooden cart down a road past a man using a normal plow hitched to a team of horses. While the rider of the horses right arm would be an advanced prosthetic gifted to him from a visiting medicare.


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