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Sector: Halicarnassus
Sub-Sector: Subsector Eta
Classification: Imperial World
Land Mass: 45% Land 55% Water
Moons: 5 (Zol 1-5)
Capital: Salamanca
Population: 5.45 Billion
Current Military Strength: 55 PDF Regiments of various distinctions (Foot, Dragoons (Mech Infantry), Hussars (tanks), Winged Hussars (aviation) and Cannon (Artillery) – Crusaders. There are also 3 Reserve Levels: Lvl 1: 20 “Guard Regiments”; Lvl 2: 17 “City Defense Regiments” and Finally Lvl 3: 40 Conscript Regiments. 73 “Civil Guard” Battalions Police the planet.
Tithe Grade: B Media ++ (7 Imperial Guard Regiments a year, Munitions at 37.3% of finished product)
Governor: Governor Casto Navarro

Sextus Zol’s climate ranges from hot and dusty plains to large, cold nearly impassable mountain chains with very few navigable passes. Water on the planet is undrinkable due to its high quantity of minerals and salts, which is purified before drinking. Remarkably the planet is totally self-sufficient in regards to food and raw materials needed to support the civilian populace, the military complex and its major export munitions manufacturing. Sextus Zol’s major export is munitions. The planet has vast natural resources used in the making of both las guns, auto rifles and even some larger ordinance. Most manufactories are under license from the trade consortiums on Lux Benzenia who invested a lot of money into the planet. Due to the nature and importance of the planet, Sector government established an Ammo Depot here for the payment of tithes to the larger empire and to supply the closest war zones with an every steady supply of ammunition. Due to these demands, which Sextus Zol meets easily, the planet has grown steadily richer, and correspondingly the planet defense forces have reaped the benefit of the incoming money.

The Planets military complex is very advanced and steeped in tradition and more importantly well trained, equipped and lead. In addition the military complex is also very much a meritocracy, where even the most humble man (or women, as they can serve in any capacity) can expire to be a marshal one day. To be an officer in the Sextus Zol army, even for nobles, requires an appointment to one of the military academies (grant it, its a lot easier for a noble), which require years of study and an “internship” for at least a year as a cadet in one of the regiments before being appointed an officer.

Both the Guard and City Defense Regiments are trained soldiers with semi-professional officers but they only meet to train at intervals. The Guard trains for 1 week out of every month, then the officers and men disperse to their normal lives, mostly in arms manufacturing. The City Defense Regiments meet for a total of 1 day a month and 1 week during the summer. Conscript Regiments are based on classes, and a lottery system. The system has never been activated.

Religion is very important aspect of life on Sextus Zol. There are 12 different Cults of the God Emperor on the planet. Religion is so important that the Junta paid for out their own personal pockets, to build a 75ft tall statue of San Luther in the central Plaza in Salamanca. Cardinal Isaac Sank overseas the faithful of Subsector Eta from the Cardinals Palace in the city of San Luther de Castile. He also is an “advisor” to both the Governor and the Military Junta. Due to the cooperation between the military and the church, every regiment and some companies can boast a priest on the command staff. Though for a company it might be seminarian.

The local governor is High Chancellor Castro Navarro, a former Imperial Guard Lord Marshal from Sextus Zol. He fought for over 57 years before returning to Sextus Zol to take up the mantle of Governor. Below him is the Military Junta who oversees the various day to day activates of the planet.

Order is enforced by the Civil Guard Battalions who not only act as the civilian police force on the planet but as the military police as well. They are a separate branch as the Junta at least wishes to appear to the populace as letting the rule of law be separate from that of the Junta.

The Capital of Sextus Zol, is a beautiful city thanks to its sandstone buildings, Salamanca received the nickname La Ciudad Dorada (“The golden city”). This golden glow is unique in Sextus Zol and is due to the “Villamayor Stone”, a type of sandstone coming from a quarry situated in Villamayor, a village close to Salamanca.

The Plaza San Luther is the central square in the city. It was constructed by Andrés Lexon to commoriate the victory of San Luther over the Orc Invasion in the 40th Millennium. The plaza is a nearly regular square of 6,400 square meters surrounded by three-floor buildings in golden stone and 88 shaded arcades with medallions representing historical persons. Not to mention the new 75ft tall statue of San Luther. The plaza is regarded as one of the finest squares on the planet. In addition Salmanca is home to the military academies for the three most prestigious PDF arms, the Hussars, winged Hussars and Cannon. There is also numerous civilian schools.


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